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The internet is a very vast place indeed. Which is why we have conveniently listed other places on the interweb in which you can find the loveliness that has been spawned from our creative endeavors. So, without further ado, here is the list: This is the Mothership. Our internet presence begins here. Pretty much the pulse of the Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse.

Bands: This is where we post most of the music videos from our bands and artists. This is our Twitter feed. We post short little tidbits of stuff here, including sales, up-coming album releases and general information from our bands and artists. We do occasionally post sappy inspirational type quotes, only to help better us all (and don’t it feel good?). This is our Instagram. Lots of strange pictures you likely 
won’t find elsewhere. Some promo stuff here, like sales on merch or music, but we mostly use it as a giant digital paint board. You’ll see what we’re talking about when you get there. Oh, and by the way... have fun :)

More Bands: Are you on Pintrest as well? So are we. We find it’s a great place to post all kinds of great pins. From fresh new band merch, to new album covers, it’s a trip. We have boards for all of your favorite Mordichai Music bands and artists as well as some “Random Strangeness” in a board of its own. Tumblr folks can find us here as well. Would be our blog (obviously by your reading this, you totally know where to find this blog that you're reading presently)  So you already know that occasionally we post insights from the Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse. Tidbits of music trivia and basically whatever you can’t find about our bands and artists will likely be found here as well as some breaking entertainment news, music news and new music.
Of course we thank you all for following our little label, and to all the fans of our beautiful and terrific bands and artists; much love for your support on all levels.
Much love and respect,

The Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerseTM Team

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