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It is amazing to sit and watch as bands flourish and grow into the fantastic entertainers they are around here.  332 years ago today Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart published his six string quartet Opus 10, and we still listen to it today.  What a wonderful thing that would be to be heard seriously for centuries?  

We are okay, well most of our bands anyway, when it comes to placating the ego and need not that extra nurturing.  Mozart may have been a handful and in our last century we had the energy packed likes of Keith Moon and the brilliant Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, who's chaos had, at least in part, mirrored the likes of the great composer.

Hessistant - Finally After All This Time - Nubile Clock

Nevertheless we are expressly excited about the next Hessistant project, their fourth release after their self-titled debut Hessistant, the raw solo piano album Finally After All This Time, and their extraordinary release Nubile Clock which features fantastic compositions mimicking a parallel world, or perhaps even a dream.  It's a pleasure to hear over and over.

The fourth Hessistant album's name hasn't been decided upon just yet and nor has the release date been set but there are many ways of finding out when it'll be available to the public.  Soon enough.  

In the meantime you can visit and scroll down to the Hessistant albums and there ya go.

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New Music News August 31, 2017

Well fall is nearly here and Halloween fodder has already begun to hit store shelves.  We've been bombarded by wildfire smoke for much of the summer here at the Mordichai Music HQ.  A few months ago we had experienced floods in this neighborhood, followed by horrendous forest fires which led to tens of thousands of evacuees, some of them leaving everything behind as houses, property and livestock burned and smoke plumes that traveled thousands of miles to the Great Lakes from the wild, wild west.

We certainly aren't alone when it comes to natural disaster.  As I write this, Tropical Storm Henry (formerly known as Hurricane Henry) has stalled over the east coast of Texas creating record flooding, caused deaths and is promising to continue to hover there for a couple more days to come.  Volcanoes, earthquakes and even man-made disasters also seem to be wreaking havoc throughout the planet on top of the everyday problems its citizens experience daily add to the struggle to survive for humans.  

Fortunately there is music.  Lots and lots of music, movies, clothes and such to help distract from the everyday grind, the rattle and hum of persistent echos of  pain, loss and suffering between the giggles and tears of joy.  Of course it's easier to say "Have a great day" then to consciously remind oneself to actually seek to experience the joys that would indeed bring one to literally "have a great day."

Entertainment appears to help take the edge off and surreptitiously numb our senses to the tribulations of day to day existence in urban centers as well as rural settings.  Which is why we make music and videos/film and stuff.

Our website has been revamped and is now more mobile friendly.   We have some new tshirt and hoodie designs.  We also have welcomed Hessistant, Meditations For Monsters and Dead Planet Society to Instagram.

Vonnegut Sludge is still fine-tuning their double album "Empire Down Vols. I & II" while punk/metal hybrids Dead Planet Society and the progressive Kryogenic are bashing away some new material.  

Of course we are always adding new swag and our bands and artists speak for themselves, but we would also like to remind you all of the Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse's debut film release of "7 Tracks of Death the Musical" based on the aBSYNTh of dEATh 2016 album "7 Tracks of Death," will be before December 2017.

The story rolls through a surrealist take on the history of the world as told through the music of aBSYNTh of dEATh.  Their grim reel is very suggestive and hypnotic with elements of surreptitious gems feeding the amino peptide chains.  Just an animated walk through the dark history of our ancestors gently merged with the apocalyptic prophesies we have been fed for millennia.   

You can get your copy of the music
>>>HERE on 

Our office dynamics have grown and morphed a little over the past little while, which means that subscribing to this blog may finally be worth the time it takes to hit that subscribe button as we will be posting more regularly with our Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerseTM updates, band/artist spotlight posts featuring Acidic Dreamtime Players, Stargate Tours, Oculaire Starscape and much more to come.  After all, we couldn't just tell you everything now and blow the surprises could we?

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