Music and Entertainment News July 31, 2015

~Kurt Cobain, Smells Like Teen Spirit

Kurt Cobain:  Montage of Heck, had been on the 'watch list' since we heard about it here at the Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse HQ. 

We did get around to watching it and were blown away at the similarities we've found with other musicians, and even to a great extent, ourselves.  Now, here at the MM(&e)U HQ we don't have any hard drug issues floating around as Kurt had, but the way the creative forces spurred forth definitely hits home hard.

We have often joked around here about how much our facilities, including the temporary ones during our road trips, resemble that of the strange but beloved Andy Warhol's 'Factory.'  Once again, I must insist that the resemblance is that of a creative nature, rather than that of the hard drug abuse which had also haunted Andy's world.  Nonetheless, we believe that everything is riding in synchronicity with itself/each-other in ways we don't always recognize, and sometimes even ignore.

We are up to some big projects for being such a small seed of creative works as we are.  Our punk/metal/grunge specialists Kryogenic and Dead Planet Society have recently released some new music {insert links hereGET THEM HERE:  Kryogenic *** Dead Planet Society} and our classical Kings and Queens of Hessistant are about to drop their 4th release titled "The Beauty Within."  Hessistant's "The Beauty Within," moves boldly away from traditional instruments as in the antique upright piano used to record the whole of  "Finally After All This Time," and substituting with some synth instruments such as oboe and strings, as they did with their self-titled debut. 

Now, for those hardcore purists out there have no fear as Hessistant has plans to use traditional instruments again on the release which is to follow "The Beauty Within," and are ademant that the use of synthesized suits the pieces, stating that it is universally agreed upon by everyone from composer J.M.W. Behrens, producer and engineer Mordichai to Hessistant themselves, that it is written specifically for more synthetic sounds and was not meant to take anything away from any lovely instrumentallists who may be a little or more bent-out-of-shape by such evil doings.... don't worry, we get your point, but we are creative beings here who express ourselves in which ever way best fits the project, and that goes for all of our bands and artists, crew and staff, without whom, we'd all be doomed here.

Speaking of doom, Kryogenic is expected to add a new music video in the next few weeks.  Nobody is letting me know for which song the video is for, but that's okay, we can pretty much bet the farm that it's for their second and latest release "When The World Comes To An End," so if you are a fan of dirty punk, metal, grungey tones, with apocalyptic vocals, and raw, smashing, yet trance inducing guitars to even everything out.  Unabashed, fresh new exciting metal influenced punk, or punk influenced metal... grungey bits here and there.... okay, I have an idea, just go to the album When The World Comes To An End HERE, and see for yourself.  We must warn you however that Kryogenic may not be suitable for just anyone, contains harsh language and is only made to be made.  Rock the F@Un On!  ;)

On the topic of punk and metal we also have a music video from Dead Planet Society to support "It's All A Blur," featuring such heart-melting tracks of empathy as "Corpse In The Bushes," which is based on a true story of our beloved founder, meditation guru, Reiki Master and everyone's producer and sometimes engineer, Mordichai, who apparently decided to take Loki, the MM(&e)U HQ canine for a walk one morning in some small town somewhere, and came across what he believed to be exactly that, a corpse in the bushes.  In fact we all know the story well around here as we're all family, and sometimes kid that he'll find a dead guy in a tree next.  It's not really as morbid as it sounds, and all did turn out well in the end, but then again, see for yourself by checking out "It's All A Blur" HERE.

Soon the Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse HQ will be moving to its permanent multi-verse home, on the edge of the Cascades, flipping

burgers for bucks, in disguise until the great reveal, here we are now..............

...........................................entertain us.

 aBSYNTh of dEATh
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Okay that's about it for now.  The Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse online presence at has been freshened up a bit with some new graphics on the artist pages and throughout the site.  If you haven't already done so, check it out and tell your friends.

Have an awesome day everyone, and thanks for supporting the world's only multi-dimensional record label and entertainment company.