Digital Downloads for Everyone

Here's a great way to enter into some new independent music for your playlist.  Scroll down and find a band or artist that our beloved Mordichai has personally chosen for your listening pleasure.  

Post punk, alternative rock, a little edm, some classically influenced instrumentals and some weird stuff in between. 

aBSYNTh of dEATh



Dead Planet Society




Acidic Dreamtime Players


Nina Ghostflowers




Oculaire Starscape


Unk Ben


Stargate Tours


imagined fears



Vonnegut Sludge




and more to come... 

Thank you for participating in and supporting independent music.  We're revamping our regular site at the moment, and keeping shrouded in mystery the exact outcome and reasons for etc..... but that's really boring right now, so we will move on to our great new threads :)

You've heard the music, you've seen the videos, NOW, (and then) you can wear the groovy threads associated with the bands and artists you love and adore from the Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse here: