OzkAn 'Dragon $ummary' *** Something New From Mordichai Music

would like to introduce


Their debut release "Dragon $ummary" 
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Weird scenes at the end of Mayan TIME...

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A native of Hamilton, Ontario, UNK BEN thrusts his trippy little musical sculptures from an undisclosed location in the East End, to the "Monster Voodoo Funhouse" on the West Coast of everything [that's just our lil nickname for the facilities from which the Mordichai Music 'Magick' happens], right to the intangible world wide web and to your ears.

Soul science, wisdom of the ancients, social madness, and relationships appear as fodder to ponder in the sometimes pained projections audibly assigned by this formerly underground artist.

Mordichai Music welcomes you, UNK BEN.

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