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Music to cleanse the soul they say.  But who are they anyway and why the blazes should we even care?  

So, if you aren't a zombie, and you have a soul, you just may enjoy the latest installment of the aBSYNTh of dEATh legacy: 7 TRACKS OF DEATH

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This new alternative, progressive rock sound is like getting smashed in the face with chocolate covered marshmallows while under the influence of too much tequila and maybe even some of those little %*&$?$ with the _____ ______ _____.

Genre: Rock: Post-Rock/Experimental
Release Date: 2016

1. Crack the Code
2. Intentional Deception
3. Righteous Flock
4. Down with Oppression
5. Feed the Tomb
6. Infected Womb
7. Disturbance in the Force
8. Entity Evolution ~~(bONUs tRACk of dEATh)

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Album Notes:

Are you in for something different?
Hard, fast, and full of sound. "Never mind the white noise" they say, "it's supposed to be there". While sometimes one forgets that this is essential a form of 'rock' album at times with the slightly dreamier and more escapist moments in tracks like "Righteous Flock," it is full of guitar solos which seem to last forever, nearly leading the way from one beat to the next like the satyr Pan or the Pied Piper.

This is an alternative progressive metal album, 7 Tracks Of Death, but there are actually 8 tracks as there is an additional track of death to satisfy your palette for something different.

Produced & Engineered by Mordichai.

Running time: 46:33

Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerseTM