Mordichai Music Minute ~ Music News

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       So lovely people, we have been busy here at the Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerseTM camp.  

Our fearless leader has been in the proverbial 'kitchen' cooking up a storm for our amazing fans and fans to be to be released sometime around Halloween 2015.  We won't divulge too much of the details, but we will let you know that if you connect and follow us on Instagram, you'll likely find some hints and clues here and there to string your interest along.   


 Stargate Tours is nearly nearly there on their 'A Mansion And A Yacht' album.  HerName,Is and imagined fears band members keep playing rock, paper, scissors for studio time despite the fact we always have ample time for our beloved artists whether they're veterans or new to our family.

Speaking of those new to our clan, Oculaire Starscape has been enjoying the fruits of their labor, and if you haven't heard their debut self-titled instrumental release, [click here to view] and fitting in nicely with the likes of Hessistant and Meditations For Monsters.  in the softening of the hearts of the world with innovative melodies, harmonious meetings of notes careening through soft, silent space and strange acoustic piano sounds; electronic monsters and things with no name.

It all makes sense. We are creative beings who love to nurture each other's talents as well as our own here in the shadows of the Entertainment world.  I assure you however that there is only nafarious intent when certain artists can't get their green candies because they started watching too many funny cat videos on YouTube, and that's simply our producer's way of staying on schedule with the tracks to be laid and other music producer stuff.  Actually that would be a great topic for another blog post and inserting it would interest you folks. 

I think perhaps we should have a future blog post which describes some of the certain little quirks and quarks which seem to be the mechanics behind the scenes in our studios.  

Oh yeah, remember we have some new music videos coming up from several of our artists and bands so make certain you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out.

That's all for now fine lovely people that you are, until next time be well.

~Minion 17☆♡