What a Day in Music History!

We're going to start something new here.  In addition to the lovely trivia tidbits from the bands and artists of the Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse, we have decided that the little, but big in our hearts, bits of information like who's birthday it is, who died today, who did some really cool stuff to leave the rest of us music junkies and inspire us to do greater things.  

 So we'll get started a little awkwardly, with the birthdays.  Various sources confirm that today, September 23rd was the day several rock artists were born.  These musicians include our lovely rasta man, Robert Nesta Marley (a.k.a. Bob Marley), whose music is played long and loud and always has been here at the Mordichai Music offices.  We'll keep it that way forever. :) He was born today in 1945.  World War II was just ending and the world was a mess.  Oh, wait a second.  The world's still a great big mess.

Mordichai, our label's founder and producer of the works of such bands as OzkAn, Acidic Dreamtime Players and aBSYNTh of dEATh is a big fan of both Marley and his band mate Peter Tosh as well as Burning Spear among other reggae greats.

Born in 1948 was another fantastic father of innovation in the music world who celebrates a birthday today is Alice Cooper.  His first album was produced by another one of our great influential patriarchs of composition and that is the late Mr. Frank Zappa.  Alice Cooper's work has inspired many through the several decades that he's been creating his unique brand of shock rock.  It's cool that his dad and grandpa are pastors. 

Mr. Zappa ia a huge influences on our very own UNK BEN.  His world was shaped around the music of these two very inspirational men.

We dig that only one of the mentioned birthday stars are living at this time, but we really couldn't begin this without mentioning two fellows whose musical genius had shaped us into who we are, and thus creating the Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse into what it is.  

Then we have the beloved birthday of one of the big influences of Hessistant and Meditations For Monsters.  That is that on this day in 1930, the great Ray Charles was born.  His piano works had created great numbers of children to pluck the slightly off-tune black and white keys of their grandmother's uprights, including the composer of all of our great Hessistant compositions.  Check out their release of "Finally After All This Time," a raw solo piano album, recorded on the beautiful Canadian, Vancouver Island and performed by Mordichai.

Oh, and what's this?  Mordichai's first paid gig in the film industry was on the set of the MFTV film "Home For Christmas" with the beloved and now departed Mickey Rooney.  Well, you guessed it, he was born on September 23, 1920.  

Such a small world after all?  Did you know that much of the technology we use today such as Facebook, Skype-powered messenger video calls can be seen in the 1962 on this day with ABC's first color series, The Jetsons.

So thank you and happy birthday to the inspirational, both dead and living!

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Thank you and all the best.

~Minion 248 

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