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Today we simply honor the music of one of our great punk artists, Kryogenic.  Click the dragons for our AmazonMP3 buy link.

Simply put, these guys rock.  Animosity isn't even 

Connecting On FACEBOOK Pages For Newbies

Mordichai Music (& everything)


Here's your opportunity to connect with us on FACEBOOK. We have a few pages you can choose from, or choose them all if you like. If fact you don't have to choose any really, if that is what you want. We are simply making their availability known for those who wish to explore a BRAVE NEW WEIRD.

For those who don't already know, Mordichai Music (& Everything), (the difference is the *i*)TM, is an indie record label basically, but we have a different approach to our creations. Mordichai, our fearless leader, has gathered together some interested individuals who wish to remove themselves from the 'rat race' aspect of the entertainment systems. We focus on the creative juices which flowed through our universes long before humans were even conceived.

Of course nobody alive actually can prove to know or understand what that creative force entails, but it is a great thing to strive for, like understanding the potential of a small apple seed that somehow through its genetic coding knows exactly how to be a tree and bear fruit for years to come, nourishing mankind and wildlife alike. At least that's what our invisible mission statement seems to suggest.

That being said, we've found time to let our flow go and focus less on selling more 'products'* and more on creating honest 'products' which reflect the true creative juices within us all. With bands like aBSYNTh of dEATh, vonnegut sludge, and Acidic Dreamtime Players, Mordichai Music adds a bit of diversity to the myriad of industrial, punk rock and new heavy metal bands. Our Nina Ghostflowers and Meditations For Monsters additions to the label facilitate an etheric element to techno, house, instrumental dance, and even meditation music.
*note:  'product' as defined here is used as loosely as possible, as we stated earlier the art comes first around here

Without boring you to death dear reader, if you are interested check it out for yourself, here are the....

& their artists FACEBOOK pages:

 Thanks as always for stopping by and taking the time to read this.