Amazing Summer

What an amazing start to summer!
  • Stargate Tours, Imagined Fears, and HerName,Is are all nearly complete their debut projects.  
  • Meanwhile, aBSYNTh of dEATh has a new EP titled "Single File" about to drop.
  • Kryogenic has their hands in a couple of pies.
  • Dead Planet Society have been hanging out at the studio looking for something to do, so we made them clean toilets (haha not really), they're recording some really messed up tracks.
  •  Unk Ben is alive and well and working on some new material.
  • Meditations For Monsters have been working diligently, despite the West Coast HEAT, on putting forth some type of DVD which will likely contain previously released music as well as some awesome new chill tracks to soothe the senses of even the most Savage Beast.
  • Oh yes! ...and our beloved orchestral artist Hessistant, has just released a 7 track album titled 'nubile clock' which can be found @ AmazonMP3

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...and in these chaotic times, may peace be upon you
and joy be in your hearts
and the hearts of your loved ones