Introducing PLUTONIUM MILKSHAKE by Unk Ben

Introducing the latest in the UNK BEN repository of fine sounds, certain not to disappoint the avid fan of the musical styling of the ever enigmatic and spontaneous (no, not combustion) Unk Ben.

Since the world as it seems had not yet been exposed through moving pictures or imagery much to the force behind the music of Unk Ben, the world can now visit their Facebook page to see some of these said moving pictures.  Link:

It has also come to the attention of the Unk Ben camp, that some, if not many of the fans of Unk Ben don't have Facebook accounts.  "We hear you," they say.  No worries.  You can also access all of the Unk Ben links on our label's new site  

So, if you are so inclined, sink your ears deep into this enigmatic space rock of Unk Ben's and enjoy.

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