The Fantastically NEW 'Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse' Family

Well whether you drink alcohol or not, the Oscar hangover may be setting in.... next it will be the Grammy's, or Juno's, or Golden Globes or some kind of red carpet affair.  Nonetheless, we have many distractions to keep us from our boring jobs, unfulfilled relationships and general boredom.
These distractions are what keep us folks in the entertainment industry in the industry, and what a crass word 'industry' but that is what it is.

Many of us choose a life in the entertainment world to help you have a little reprieve from the monotony from your everyday lives, to give a boost to the soul and/or give a vehicle for releasing the pain from whatever may have intruded upon your world.

In many cases our artists never have the opportunity to thank the lovely music driven audience which in turns feeds the artist's drive to create and be productive in the most prolific way.  So, in a word from our staff and our artists, thanks.

 March is going to be a great month for the Mordichai Music team and our artists.  

Our premier punk bands, Dead Planet Society and Kryogenic are tentatively set to release their second albums each on the 2014 equinox.  Both albums are full of the energy expected of raw, unabashed, full throttle punk without apologies.

The ever edgy new alternative sounds of Acidic Dreamtime Players are about to be augmented with some new material as well as OzkAn and the stimulating EDM of Nina Ghostflowers.  These are also slated to be released before the end of March 2014.

Further, as a little sneak peek into the coming weeks, we are crazy-excited to introduce 3 new bands to our roster.  

They are:  
  • imagined fears
  • HerName,Is
For now, that's all we are going to tell you about them.

We are excited about the new additions to our family, and expect once you hear what we have, you will be as well as our roster of great punk, metal, experimental, and well, if you've been around us for a while, you know.

We have been freshening up the social sites @MordichaiMusic, Facebook, and YouTube to ready ourselves for our ever-expanding brood.

So off we go to create some more madness for your distraction. 
Thanks again, from Mordichai Music and our artists; our fans are certainly the best.

Dead Planet Society
Vonnegut Sludge
Nina Ghostflowers
Stargate Tours
Meditations For Monsters
aBSYNTh of dEATh
Unk Ben
imagined fears
Acidic Dreamtime Players