Dragons, Doctors and dEATh


Dragons:  It seems dragons have been recorded in the history of many people from around this globe that we call home.  Like the hundreds of pyramids on every continent, these dragons have no rhyme or reason for being in the pictures that we have uncovered as far as we know or have been told.

Doctors:  Some doctors on this planet receive bonuses from prescriptions of pharmaceutical drugs including beta blockers, sedatives, opiates, and other mind altering and harmful substances from large pharmaceutical companies.  It would be best, we have found, to investigate the relationship of your personal physicians and the pharmaceutical companies with whom they have business.  This becomes even more of a critical issue when one takes into consideration that many prescription drugs are simply organic substances as the active ingredients (e.g. white willow bark makes ASPRIN effective) with added fillers which makes the 'new drug' patentable.  Factor in the seemingly insane side effects of many prescription drugs in comparison to their non-patentable key ingredient(s) coupled with the gross profits and government subsidation found in many countries and we find ourselves in a position to reconsider ethical obligations in big business especially healthcare.

dEATh:  aBSYNTh of dEATh has released their single "3nd Seen" to bring us into the new year and hopefully tied us over while we continue to wait for the release of their second album 'asperations of Gold' which is currently at least a year behind schedule.  When asked for a reason for the delay, aBSYNTh of dEATh front man Mordichai simply responded "all in perfect time."
Grab your copy of "3nd Seen" from Amazon here:  

We were asked not to mention any further release date for the upcoming 17 track release, only to take into consideration that patience is a virtue said with a snicker or similar type of laugh.