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It is amazing to sit and watch as bands flourish and grow into the fantastic entertainers they are around here.  332 years ago today Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart published his six string quartet Opus 10, and we still listen to it today.  What a wonderful thing that would be to be heard seriously for centuries?  

We are okay, well most of our bands anyway, when it comes to placating the ego and need not that extra nurturing.  Mozart may have been a handful and in our last century we had the energy packed likes of Keith Moon and the brilliant Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, who's chaos had, at least in part, mirrored the likes of the great composer.

Hessistant - Finally After All This Time - Nubile Clock

Nevertheless we are expressly excited about the next Hessistant project, their fourth release after their self-titled debut Hessistant, the raw solo piano album Finally After All This Time, and their extraordinary release Nubile Clock which features fantastic compositions mimicking a parallel world, or perhaps even a dream.  It's a pleasure to hear over and over.

The fourth Hessistant album's name hasn't been decided upon just yet and nor has the release date been set but there are many ways of finding out when it'll be available to the public.  Soon enough.  

In the meantime you can visit and scroll down to the Hessistant albums and there ya go.

Until next time, all the best

~Minion 840

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