Still working our light overhaul and spring cleaning. All of our social network sites and our Amazon downloads store are being revamped.

We like to keep things fresh around here especially our bagels; brain food y'know.  

We have also been enjoying our spontaneous sales of our band merchandise and t-shirts.  Follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook and remember to follow all of your favorite Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse artists on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Check out the fresh new look at our Amazon Store as well as our fresh new band shirts at our Mordichai Music Merchandise shop.

Lots of big earthquakes this week, keep safe people....
Oh, before we forget, keep your ears peeled for some new Hessistant ( @Hessistant ) and a new album "Torrential Rain" from Nina Ghostfowers. ( @NinaGhostflower ).


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