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Oculaire Starscape

An enigmatic audible journey.  Part classical, part meditative, this is intended to aid and assist in the decompression of the days events.  Allowing the listener to release the stress from the day by putting on the headphones and closing their eyes.  The music is based on a theoretical stories of the return of Merlin.

Un voyage sonore énigmatique. Partie classique, une partie méditative, ce est destiné à aider à la décompression des événements de jour. Permettant à l'auditeur de libérer le stress de la journée en mettant sur le casque et fermer les yeux. La musique est basée sur une histoires théoriques du retour de Merlin.

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Born out of an intense fascination for the enigmatic works of Terrence McKenna, Oculaire Starscape has found consciousness in the UniVerse to be a collaborative effort.  Consciousness is relative, so is the appreciation of music.  

Though the band name as well as song names contain french language, there are no lyrics in this introductory release, leaving only the music to be enjoyed, free from language barriers commonly found on this planet.

If you enjoy the instrumental works of Yanni, or Philip Glass then you will likely enjoy the musical stylings of Oculaire Starscape.  

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Hope this blog finds you all well and good this day, until next time, enjoy!


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