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We are a very independent entity which provides absurd and surreal entertainment in the form of literature, film, music videos, and music; and the odd bit of painting, sculpture or other media. We, the collective, work in all genres, and many times without credit, as it is about the art and not the personality who produced it. It's not our place to judge, nor is judgment meant to come from that statement towards any one.

We enjoy making and producing works which will at least enhance and expand the comfort zones without having the dramatic undertones of violence. However, zombies often integrate themselves into our work, and we often seem like a team of mad scientists in a good old B movie trying to 'Frankenstein' the pods of thought together.

Of course this all could just be non-sense from a nonsensical collective of artists who love what they do, but really are uncomfortable that to have this type of entity solidify itself, it had to succumb to the cancer of the economic aspect of not only the creative world, but in all the world.... unfortunately.

We are a small record label who produce industrial, punk, experimental, neo-classical, techno, house, and a bit more music as well as in-house music videos.
Bands in our roster who have released (or about to release) music via Mordichai Music: aBSYNTh of dEATh, Acidic Dreamtime Players, Dead Planet Society, Hessistant, Kryogenic, Meditations For Monsters, Nina Ghostflowers, Unk Ben, Vonnegut Sludge;

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