Mordichai Music | Victoria, BC, CA | Artist Roster, Shows, Schedules, and Releases | ReverbNation

Mordichai Music | Victoria, BC, CA | Artist Roster, Shows, Schedules, and Releases | ReverbNation

Find what you're missing, Embrace YOUR STRANGE and uncover the secrets of your soul.  Or at least hear something different for a change.  We offer a wide variety of artists ranging from new punk, to neo-classical, alternative rock to techno and industrial noise.

Our founder, Mordichai, alone has nearly 30 years in the film and music industries.  Combined skills and assets of our little company are huge even before you count our past lives on this Earth, in this plane.  We've come to the consideration that music and art need to be free from their commercial restraints and although we do have bills to pay, we understand that in this economy not everyone can actually afford some little luxuries like a band t-shirt or even a ringtone.  We also understand that there are those who still are above water in this economy, and encourage them to purchase what they like in order for us to help freely provide to all.

That being said, we've added a PAYPAL button to the site for those like ourselves who like to give a little extra knowing our only return is knowing we've helped someone a little today.  If you'd like to leave a little with us in return for a likely unseen smile, here's your opportunity:


So if you're in need of a smile, you're in for a treat because we've got them at different rates, and hey if you do not donate, contribute or buy anything from us, we so won't hate you for it. That's the thing. We know how hard most people work for their money and how little we get to keep after taxes. It's one of those win win things for us because we have so much experience in the "industries" of entertainment that we just feel it's time, the internet and social media can take the wizard out from behind the curtain to reveal the wizard in all of us.

That being said, we are please to announce that the NEW aBSYNTh of dEATh album, "asperations of Gold" as well as Acidic Dreamtime Players' debut "Dot Matrix" are nearly complete.

Keep checking or SUBSCRIBE to Our YouTube Channel for all of our newest, latest, dopest, sweetest videos.

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