apocalyptic trends

Sometimes it's hard to find something that isn't what you have been experiencing. 
Could be music, movies, even your wardrobe.

Maybe that's why we're different.  Maybe that's what the years of combined experience in the film, music, fashion, well the industries of creative entertainment and decorative personal coverings for one's fleshy vessel.

We at the Monster Voodoo Funhouse, (that's our little nickname for headquarters) have created out new reality.  We have still art, short films (to come), a feature film in the works, a little book of poetry by our beloved founder, Mordichai, as well as music from our fine acts.


If you are in the mood for some classical type music, Hessistant or Meditations For Monsters may be up your alley.  If your manifest reality dictates you need some new punk in 2012, then Kryogenic and Dead Planet Society would be a great place to start for great music.

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